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KrosFox Mission 3 - BAD END - 2 by SnowKuki
KrosFox Mission 3 - BAD END - 2

Next page for the "what if!" They may be a bit OOC here just 'cause I don't believe either of them get mad or yell and such? Like, they'd have clearer heads and would probably discuss things calmly, but I thought a little conflict between them would be more fun. Also drawing running canines from the front is hard.

Kros" +11


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Willow (c) Me
Selos (c) Altiasdog
KrosFox Mission 3 - BAD END - 1 by SnowKuki
KrosFox Mission 3 - BAD END - 1

This is just a little idea that Altias and I had regarding an ending for our mission. A "what if" scenario of Willow and Selos accidentally detonating a bomb. It was too good an idea to pass up, so I decided to draw a mini comic of it! Totally unscripted and all for fun. If this is in the wrong folder (or something??) then please let me know so that it doesn't get mixed up with anything else.

Let's see how this ends.

Kros: +11


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Willow (c) Me
Selos (c) Altiasdog
KrosFox Mission 3 - Chapter 3 - A Turn of Events by SnowKuki
KrosFox Mission 3 - Chapter 3 - A Turn of Events

<SnowKuki>Willow looked around the Safe Room at the other few foxes that had already dropped off their bombs to be diffused. She wondered how they did so, but instead of asking one of them, she turned her head to pose the question to Selos. "Do you suppose we just set it down and diffuse it ourselves?"

<Altiasdog>Frowning a little, Selos looked back at Willow. "That sounds a little dangerous, doesn't it? We might be best putting it down somewhere so one of the elders can handle it, probably..." She shuddered at the thought of trying to open up the metal contraption without turning herself and the rest of the room into ashes.

<empiredog>The skull-masked elder had been sitting calmly on a ledge some 10 feet above the ground. The alcove hid him rather well and provided a good vantage point to keep an eye on any foxes bringing bombs to the safe area. He peered over the ledge, his head handing down in a lazy manner as he cackled loudly suddenly to gain the young one's attention.

<SnowKuki>Willow's eyes widened and she whipped her head around to the source of the laughter. "Elder Eidan," she murmured once she realized where he was hiding. Her focus on the wind current between her and Selos slackened at his sudden appearance, but she regained her composure before any damage could be done.

<Altiasdog>Selos jumped a little at the sudden laughter, hackles raised as she looked upwards. She lowered her back-fur as she came to the realization that it was only the elder, sitting back to speak. "Hello, Elder," she started. "We, uh, we got the bomb." She motioned at it with one paw.

<empiredog>"I see that, squishies." He stood from his spot leaping off the ledge and landing nearly ontop of the bomb, sending it crashing to the ground despite the infants’ endeavors. A click sound was heard as the elder glanced at the bomb with a curious look. "Oh, drat." He muttered grinning at the infants. He then proceeded to stare at the bomb intently, though not moving off from his perch, and also not doing anything as it continued to make a soft beeping sound. "Hmm...8...7...6...."

<SnowKuki>Too stunned to even be mad at the Elder for his careless action, Willow just stared as the bomb continued to beep. She took a hesitant step backwards. For once, she had no idea what to do. "E-Elder!" she stuttered hastily as he counted down.

<Altiasdog>Selos stepped to the side, shaking a little. "Ah!" she cried out, startled. The beeping that came from the metallic contraption caused her to back up a little. ready to bolt at the first sign of detonation; whether this would really help her to escape any imminent explosion would have to be seen.

<empiredog>"RUN FOR YOU LIVES!" The elder screeches as he counted down the remaining numbers in a nervous fashion, as he reached one the beeping stopped and a loud crack and boom was heard, the room filling with a dense mixture of black and white smoke. The sound of metal could be heard whipping through the air as the elder made a pained yelp, "AUGHHHHHH--" His voice cutting off halfway through his yell.

<SnowKuki>"What?!" Willow barked in surprise. Right then, the whole room was filled with smoke and her ears rang from the loud crack. Willow wasn't prepared for the bomb to actually go off and she braced herself against anything that would hit her. Metal scraps, fire, death. Hearing Elder Eidan's yelp wasn't helping with her nerves as she waited.

<Altiasdog>Startled at the bomb and already readied for a sprint, Selos fled the room, aimed towards where she remembered the door to be. She brushed against another fleeing fox as she squeezed through and turned the corner, hoping to avoid any shrapnel. She turned so sharply that she sprained a leg, giving her a hopping gait as she hid away and out of the door.

<empiredog>The smoke clears and Eiden stands about, still on the bomb with an impish grin. "I can see the teamwork." He commented in a sarcastic tone as one infant flat out ran like a sissy and the other stood around confused. "IF, speculatively, but also realistically, this bomb did go BOOOM! You'd all be oh so prepared. DON'T BRING BOMBS TO THE SAFE ROOM!" He roared, looking again at the bomb and smiling faintly, saying in a hushed voice, "You're lucky..bombs are my favorite.."

<SnowKuki>Willow had scrunched her eyes shut, but cracked them open just a bit when she heard Eidan speak again. She didn't realize how fast her heart was racing and it almost hurt when she let out a shaky breath. Willow flinched when Eidan roared and instantly looked down at her paws. "A-Apologies, Elder..."

<Altiasdog>Hearing a roaring from the elder in the other room, Selos limped back, head lowered; the loss of smoke was relieving, but she begrudgingly agreed, silently, that she could have done a little better in terms of cooperation. She stood beside Willow and bowed her head once more apologetically. "Sorry, Elder. Won't happen again." She hoped there wouldn't be an 'again', but...

<empiredog>"better not, you runts, Sheesh you're all going to die at this rate!" The elder tapped on the bomb a few times, the sounds of something inside shifting and then he hopped off into a muddy puddle, taking one messy paw and slapping it against the bomb's casing. He inspected the muddy pawprint with a faint nod before turning back toward the young foxes. "Alright, babies. You see this." He motioned to the muddy mark, "This means its mine. No touch. Ok? Alright." He looked at the bomb again with a pleased look and seemed to be thinking deeply about what he would do with it.

<SnowKuki>Willow's ears were swiveled back in shame. She looked up as Eidan marked the bomb with a muddy pawprint and claimed it for his own uses. "Is...Is everything alright now, Elder?"

<Altiasdog>Selos, raising her head once more, sniffed curiously towards the Elder and his bomb. Willow's question echoed her own, so she kept silent, intently watching to see what Eidan would do with it.

<empiredog>"Maaaaybe, maybe not. There's still bombs out there ya little runts, and a whole city of raging humans ready to clear us out. So we'll see." The elder shrugged nonchalantly, things were changing for the aeniama, and whether it was for or against their kind, time would tell. "now I got a pretty busy schedule today, so hopefully the rest of you dont go messing everything up." With that he leapt back up the the top of the ledge, disappearing into the alcove with a puff of smoke.

<SnowKuki>Willow nodded and then watched as he disappeared to do his own agenda. She sat down, letting out a sigh of relief, and then turned to Selos. "That was quite the ordeal, wasn't it? I can't say that I'd want to do it again, though," she said, trying to lighten the air. She glanced back at the bomb quietly sitting in front of them. "Looks like our mission is complete."

<Altiasdog>"I suppose so!" Selos gave a long sigh. "That was really stressful. Thank you for teaming up with me, Willow." As she turned to leave, she noted to herself that her leg would need some resting as well, and that she should probably plan ahead for these situations in the future. She hoped the next big thing wouldn't be too difficult.


MISSION 3 COMPLETE!!!!!! With a few days to spare! This chapter was pretty fun to do, especially RPing with an Admin who's character is a tricky, tricky, mean ol' spirit! I hope that gave you all as much of a shock! It certainly made the end of this mission more interesting. Thanks to all for reading through this and let's hope we didn't forget any more bombs in those sewers.

Kros: I'll figure this out later??


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Willow, Initial Sketch, Shading (c) Me
Selos, Inking, Coloring, Background (c) Altiasdog
Elder Eidan (c) foxdog2



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I started an art war.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a college student who likes random mischief and silly things such as Pokemon and MLP:FIM. XP

If you want a request, commission, art trade, ANYTHING just let me know! I won't bite. :)

If you're also a role-player and find any of my characters interesting, note me and we can chat. (I'm not very good yet, but I'd love to get better.)
Hey y'all! It's been a while, hasn't it? Okay, first things first, I'm officially done with college! Hooray for getting out of school for possibly forever! So that means I'll have more time to spend on making some art. I'm hoping that I'll be able to make some money out of doing commissions, though.

Which brings us to today's topic of doing commissions to bring my tortoise to the vet. It's more of a yearly thing (even though I've only had him for a year), but since coming home he has been acting differently. I'm more concerned about that now, especially since there weren't any reptile specialists where I went to college. I'm aiming for $60 to get his check-up, so if anyone could help me out it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your time!


A 500x500 completely lined, colored, and shaded icon.
Base price: $1 or 100 points

Comm - Gold Icon by SnowKuki

Additional offer: Dual Icon for $1.50 or 150 points
Comm - Queen Icon by SnowKuki


A simple, clean sketch of any one character. Simple background can be requested. No shading or color.
Base Price: $5 or 400 points
Every extra character: + $1 or 100 points

Comm - Tylee Team by SnowKuki
Request - Moonlit Umbreon by SnowKuki


Simple, clean, complete lineart of any one character. Simple background and soft shading can be requested. No color.
Base Price: $8 or 600 points
Every extra character: + $2 or 150 points

Examples N/A


Same application as Lineart but base color is added. Lineless, softer lines, and background can be requested. No shading.
Base price: $10 or 800 points
Every extra character: + $3 or 250 points

CorLele by SnowKuki
Comm - Logo the Toxicroak by SnowKuki
Sleepy Pony by SnowKuki


Complete works
Detailed lineart, colors, shading, highlights, background, everything! Lineless and soft shading can be requested.
Base Price: $15 or 1,000 points
Every extra character: + $4 or 300 points

Running by SnowKuki
Comm - Fox Family by SnowKuki
KrosFox - Rocks by SnowKuki
KKC - Beach Party by SnowKuki
THK - The Last Mission by SnowKuki
24442 Kiriban Prize - Two Karen's by SnowKuki


There you have it! Prices are tentative to change and we can certainly discuss prices if you're interested in a commission, as well as going over the details. There are a few things to keep in mind:

:bulletblue: I'm more skilled in drawing animals than humans.
:bulletblue: As you could tell, I'm very into drawing Pokemon and foxes. But anything else, I will give it a shot!
:bulletblue: I don't do porn, fetishes, gore, or anything extreme. Please respect that.
:bulletblue: Please be patient with me.
:bulletblue: Note me of what you're interested in and we'll go from there.
:bulletblue: I take payments through Paypal only and my email address will be given to you when payment is requested. If paying in points, please put them in Donations. Payment will be requested once details are finished.

Thanks to anyone who gave this a glance!

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