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KoA Application - Niamh by SnowKuki
KoA Application - Niamh
Name: Niamh [Nee-iv]
Age (Human years): 27
Gender: Female
Rank: Crafter
Apprentice: Boris


GC Counter: 175


Stat Point counter: 30

Attack: 3
Defense: 5
Speed: 6
Intelligence: 7
Stamina: 6
Strength: 3


Bullet; White Hard-working
    Once given a project or task, Niamh sees it through to the end. She gives it her near-undivided attention, making sure that everything is perfect. She spares no expenses nor cuts corners in order to finish the job.
Bullet; White Reliable
    Niamh is a trustworthy dragon and doesn't go back on her word. If given a specific task, she won't disappoint. All promises and secrets are kept.
Bullet; White Charming
    She can be quite the smooth talker and definitely uses her looks to her advantage when she needs it. Niamh's polite and friendly tone makes her likeable as a first impression. She can also be slightly flirtatious, but she doesn't take it too far in fear of actually getting interests.
Bullet; White Conscientious
    Being a Crafter, Niamh pays attention to her looks on a daily basis. She makes it a point to look her best at any time, even during work. While she doesn't particulary hate getting dirty, she'd rather have clean scales.
Bullet; White Composed
    Niamh typically doesn't let her true emotions show through over her business appearance, especially not fear. She covers this with her charm and no one suspects a thing.

Niamh is, overall, an approachable dragon. She is kind and friendly to all that she meets unless given a reason to do otherwise. Not one to cause trouble, she usually keeps to herself and her daily tasks or projects. She isn't very keen on fighting or getting into any altercations, so she stays out of other dragons' business. Her ear for gossip, however, can sometimes land her in a tricky fight-or-flight situation, of which she normally takes the flight option.
Despite her sociable personality, Niamh tends to stay away from other dragons. She is open to meeting others, but she doesn't explicitly go out of her way to do so. Still, she flashes a smile and tries. If she feels comfortable around another, she may even start to call them her friend, although so far not many have stuck around. Niamh has grown to enjoy spending time by herself and with her own thoughts. Next to crafting, flying is what gives her the most freedom and life, choosing to go on long flights to relax after a hard day's work.
She loves spending her time in the workshop and always has some kind of project to fiddle around with. While not everything she works on is commissioned or purchased, Niamh gives her all in the pieces she makes. Her drive to finish a project has even cost her sleep on multiple occassions.


Bullet; Black Harsh
    Niamh can be very blunt, especially with critiquing other dragons' works. She can find anything to say about it, good or bad, and doesn't hesitate to point it out. In regards to a dragon personally, she doesn't realize how her heartless comments cause harm.
Bullet; Black Possessive
    Once Niamh stakes a claim to something, nothing can take it away from her. Whether it's jewelry, a well-sculpted pot, or even another dragon, her jealousy can reign supreme.
Bullet; Black Bossy
    While working, her instructions can sometimes be taken too far. Niamh's perfectionism gets on everyone's nerves. She can be controlling or overbearing at times, work-related or not.
Bullet; Black Arrogant
    While Niamh is open to receiving critiques on her works, she doesn't take them well and becomes very defensive, trying to boast her skills. When faced with a dragon she doesn't take to kindly, her rudeness really shows through as she makes herself look better.
Bullet; Black Distrusting
    Due to her past, Niamh has trouble trusting other dragons. Her inability to gaugewhat a dragon was thinking makes her paranoid and never lets anyone close to her. This causes her to push others away in fear.

From working in such a demanding trade, Niamh has gained some unpleasant characteristics over the years. If she starts to dislike someone or something, she doesn't beat around the bush in saying so. This often leads to rude remarks and hurt feelings, but she doesn't realize what she's done. She isn't one to apologize, either, until the other says it first.
Her competitive mind also gives her a boost in confidence even if her abilities fall short of the challenge. Not counting crafting projects, Niamh has often taken more bites than she can chew and usually ends up making a fool of herself as she tries to regain her pride. It doesn't deter her from trying, of course, which leads her to playing dirty and calling names. Her drive to be the best makes her lose points when she isn't given what she believes she deserves.
She can be very controlling in the workspace and gets on everyone else's nerves. She doesn't see how they can't follow her instructions, so she takes it upon herself to show them how it's done, usually finishing the project for them.


Born and raised in the Cautes Kingdom, Niamh lost her parents at a young age. From what she can remember, they were very emotional and sometimes unstable dragons. One minute they'd be sharing funny stories over a meal and then the next they would be fighting and often bring Niamh into the argument. She never could tell what they were thinking next and it gave her trust issues with other dragons. Her insecurity only grew when both of her parents disappeared. It was highly unlikely that they were killed; rather that they had both run away, abandoning Niamh. She never knew why they left, only that she wasn't important enough to be taken with them.

While she was old enough to take care of herself by then, she tended to neglect her health in her loneliness. It wasn't until she started tinkering with some of her possessions did she find an interest in crafting. She threw herself into the trade and soon began trying to get back into the world with her wares. After many years, she finally began feeling proud of herself and worked hard to move further, putting on an air of security and confidence while getting to know other dragons. She continued to stay quiet and mysterious in case anyone would try to break through to her.

She still manages to keep good company around her and keep her own secrets hidden.


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown


Application for :iconkingdomsofaemulis:. I probably shouldn't be getting into another Group (an RP one, no less) with how I haven't had much time to draw, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to draw dragons. I'll need to practice their anatomy some more, but I'm not complaining when it comes to these mythical beasts. Hopefully I didn't make Niamh too confusing or complex. I tried to actually make a good character that could leave an impression or have some character development as time goes on, but we'll see.

Art (c) Me
Template (c) KingdomsOfAemulis
KOA - Baby Niamh by SnowKuki
KOA - Baby Niamh
Just something simple. I haven't been able to draw so much because of work. I swear I'm not dead and I really would love to be more active on this site as well as in the groups I've joined. Hopefully I can manage time better and contribute some more. Niamh was a real cheek-pincher back in the day. Her head was a tad too large at the time, but she evened out in the end. Also, the blue tint in her fur didn't develop until much later (after a mega-awkward stage of fur-pattern baldness).

GC: 45


Niamh app (c) Me
With a green circle by SnowKuki
With a green circle
I'm great at titles.

I haven't drawn anything with my tablet in a long while, so here's some renewed practice. I don't know if anything has changed about me drawing Willow. At least she doesn't look worse.

Kros: +4


Willow (c) Me
KOA - March Assignment - 2 by SnowKuki
KOA - March Assignment - 2
Niamh flew back and landed on the other side of the bank. She tilted her head this way and that until she finally smiled. Where there was a broken clearing in the forest, full of debris and a flooding pond, there was now a pleasant pool of calm water. In the span of a couple of hours, Niamh had managed to clear away some of the boulders to the side and gather up broken trees to create a new (might she say, better) dam in order to recreate a reservoir and control the flooding at a better pace. She had even carved two spouts in the shape of dragon heads to add a little more flair to her creation.

Satisfied with her work, Niamh propelled herself back up into the air to look for more places she can grace with her excellent craftsmanship.


Part 2 and the only other part there is.

Not much happening in this picture. I mean, Niamh isn't even feature in here, what the heck. I just wanted to draw what she had created since the first one didn't show what she was gonna do. I don't know if I went overboard here with creating a dam (one that looks HUGE), but I hope I made it work. It could just be a small thing. After all, I said it held back a pond... Well, imagination! I get that it doesn't look great, so I'll probably try to make it look more like a dam when I have more time.

GC: 20+20= 40?


Niamh App (c) Me
KOA - March Assignment - 1 by SnowKuki
KOA - March Assignment - 1
Niamh took off immediately after Grace's assignment announcement. She already had the perfect project in mind and didn't want to waste any time. She had even ignored her apprentice, Boris, to get started. Truthfully, she hadn't talked to the young dragon that much since he was assigned to her, but she wasn't going to bother with that right now. She had something better to build.

Earlier, once the blizzards had died down, Niamh had taken a short fly-around the island, moreso to stretch her wings and feel the open space that her cave certainly didn't give her. She had noticed all of the damage that the storm had done almost instantly. Boulders littered most of area at the foot of the mountains, patches of forest were crushed, and pools of water were overflowing with rocks creating new paths.

It was a particularly badly flooded area that piqued Niamh's interest the most. There used to be a natural dam of sorts to hold back the riverflow, but a landslide had occurred and destroyed it, flooding the surrounding forest. As far as Niamh was concerned, the area looked like a complete disaster and she wanted to fix it with something better. Of course, the pool was also a reliable source of water and food, but that was beside the point.

The crafter landed on the large boulder in the middle of the flow, looking distastefully at the mess it was creating. It was time to get to work.


First part!

I know in the assignment announcement, it's said that caves should be looked at, but I already started thinking about this and then it became too late to change my mind and I got too lazy to change it, so here's to hoping that Niamh isn't limited to just caves and could fix whatever she thought needed fixing. I figured that flooding could be a problem in the low forest areas, so maybe a dam would be helpful?

GC: 45+20+20+30=115


Niamh App (c) Me


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I started an art war.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a college student who likes random mischief and silly things such as Pokemon and MLP:FIM. XP

If you want a request, commission, art trade, ANYTHING just let me know! I won't bite. :)

If you're also a role-player and find any of my characters interesting, note me and we can chat. (I'm not very good yet, but I'd love to get better.)
Hey y'all! It's been a while, hasn't it? Okay, first things first, I'm officially done with college! Hooray for getting out of school for possibly forever! So that means I'll have more time to spend on making some art. I'm hoping that I'll be able to make some money out of doing commissions, though.

Which brings us to today's topic of doing commissions to bring my tortoise to the vet. It's more of a yearly thing (even though I've only had him for a year), but since coming home he has been acting differently. I'm more concerned about that now, especially since there weren't any reptile specialists where I went to college. I'm aiming for $60 to get his check-up, so if anyone could help me out it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your time!


A 500x500 completely lined, colored, and shaded icon.
Base price: $1 or 100 points

Comm - Gold Icon by SnowKuki

Additional offer: Dual Icon for $1.50 or 150 points
Comm - Queen Icon by SnowKuki


A simple, clean sketch of any one character. Simple background can be requested. No shading or color.
Base Price: $5 or 400 points
Every extra character: + $1 or 100 points

Comm - Tylee Team by SnowKuki
Request - Moonlit Umbreon by SnowKuki


Simple, clean, complete lineart of any one character. Simple background and soft shading can be requested. No color.
Base Price: $8 or 600 points
Every extra character: + $2 or 150 points

Examples N/A


Same application as Lineart but base color is added. Lineless, softer lines, and background can be requested. No shading.
Base price: $10 or 800 points
Every extra character: + $3 or 250 points

CorLele by SnowKuki
Comm - Logo the Toxicroak by SnowKuki
Sleepy Pony by SnowKuki


Complete works
Detailed lineart, colors, shading, highlights, background, everything! Lineless and soft shading can be requested.
Base Price: $15 or 1,000 points
Every extra character: + $4 or 300 points

Running by SnowKuki
Comm - Fox Family by SnowKuki
KrosFox - Rocks by SnowKuki
KKC - Beach Party by SnowKuki
THK - The Last Mission by SnowKuki
24442 Kiriban Prize - Two Karen's by SnowKuki


There you have it! Prices are tentative to change and we can certainly discuss prices if you're interested in a commission, as well as going over the details. There are a few things to keep in mind:

:bulletblue: I'm more skilled in drawing animals than humans.
:bulletblue: As you could tell, I'm very into drawing Pokemon and foxes. But anything else, I will give it a shot!
:bulletblue: I don't do porn, fetishes, gore, or anything extreme. Please respect that.
:bulletblue: Please be patient with me.
:bulletblue: Note me of what you're interested in and we'll go from there.
:bulletblue: I take payments through Paypal only and my email address will be given to you when payment is requested. If paying in points, please put them in Donations. Payment will be requested once details are finished.

Thanks to anyone who gave this a glance!

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