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Stuff I like to draw. :meow:

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Stuff that I think are really amazing.


:iconkingdomsofaemulis: :iconkrosfox: :iconsixfold-league: :iconlettersfromponyville:




KrosFox - Selos Jaunt by SnowKuki
KrosFox - Selos Jaunt
Next up is Selos, with whom Willow worked briefly for Mission 3. Even though they didn't really hit it off, I feel like they could become good friends. Plus, Selos is quite cute.

Kros: +8


Selos (c) Altiasdog 
Art (c) Me
KrosFox - Xel Stare by SnowKuki
KrosFox - Xel Stare
I couldn't think of a clever title, sorry, Xelena!! Another fanart totally not to gain extra Kros cough of this cool-as-cucumbers fox. Willow teamed up with her and Fahne for Mission 2 and I think they worked well together.

Kros: +8


Xelena (c) StrangelySerene
Art (c) Me
KrosFox - Trippin' Up by SnowKuki
KrosFox - Trippin' Up
I don't think Willow's ever met Trip, but he always seemed cool. I obviously haven't had her meet others as much as I should. Here's just a little fanart and maybe they can meet someday. I'm also trying to catch up on the Kros 'cause I want that fourth tail!!

Kros: +8

Trip (c) FireIceWolf 
Art (c) Me


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I started an art war.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a college student who likes random mischief and silly things such as Pokemon and MLP:FIM. XP

If you want a request, commission, art trade, ANYTHING just let me know! I won't bite. :)

If you're also a role-player and find any of my characters interesting, note me and we can chat. (I'm not very good yet, but I'd love to get better.)
Hey y'all! It's been a while, hasn't it? Okay, first things first, I'm officially done with college! Hooray for getting out of school for possibly forever! So that means I'll have more time to spend on making some art. I'm hoping that I'll be able to make some money out of doing commissions, though.

Which brings us to today's topic of doing commissions to bring my tortoise to the vet. It's more of a yearly thing (even though I've only had him for a year), but since coming home he has been acting differently. I'm more concerned about that now, especially since there weren't any reptile specialists where I went to college. I'm aiming for $60 to get his check-up, so if anyone could help me out it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your time!


A 500x500 completely lined, colored, and shaded icon.
Base price: $1 or 100 points

Comm - Gold Icon by SnowKuki

Additional offer: Dual Icon for $1.50 or 150 points
Comm - Queen Icon by SnowKuki


A simple, clean sketch of any one character. Simple background can be requested. No shading or color.
Base Price: $5 or 400 points
Every extra character: + $1 or 100 points

Comm - Tylee Team by SnowKuki
Request - Moonlit Umbreon by SnowKuki


Simple, clean, complete lineart of any one character. Simple background and soft shading can be requested. No color.
Base Price: $8 or 600 points
Every extra character: + $2 or 150 points

Examples N/A


Same application as Lineart but base color is added. Lineless, softer lines, and background can be requested. No shading.
Base price: $10 or 800 points
Every extra character: + $3 or 250 points

CorLele by SnowKuki
Comm - Logo the Toxicroak by SnowKuki
Sleepy Pony by SnowKuki


Complete works
Detailed lineart, colors, shading, highlights, background, everything! Lineless and soft shading can be requested.
Base Price: $15 or 1,000 points
Every extra character: + $4 or 300 points

Running by SnowKuki
Comm - Fox Family by SnowKuki
KrosFox - Rocks by SnowKuki
KKC - Beach Party by SnowKuki
THK - The Last Mission by SnowKuki
24442 Kiriban Prize - Two Karen's by SnowKuki


There you have it! Prices are tentative to change and we can certainly discuss prices if you're interested in a commission, as well as going over the details. There are a few things to keep in mind:

:bulletblue: I'm more skilled in drawing animals than humans.
:bulletblue: As you could tell, I'm very into drawing Pokemon and foxes. But anything else, I will give it a shot!
:bulletblue: I don't do porn, fetishes, gore, or anything extreme. Please respect that.
:bulletblue: Please be patient with me.
:bulletblue: Note me of what you're interested in and we'll go from there.
:bulletblue: I take payments through Paypal only and my email address will be given to you when payment is requested. If paying in points, please put them in Donations. Payment will be requested once details are finished.

Thanks to anyone who gave this a glance!

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